For Smartphones, Tablet PCs and PCs
No roaming charges
Up to 10 connected devices
A personal Wi-Fi hotspot that fits into your pocket. Allows you to connect to the Internet while traveling, without depending on public hotspots. Your inexpensive Internet access during your stay in Italy.


  • WiFind offers mobile connectivity in Italy to accommodation facilities and tourists. No roaming costs, easy to operate, value-for-money.
  • WiFind is an indispensable service for international clients.
  • WiFind routers can be customized to suit your personal needs.

How it works

WiFind is an easy-to-use Wi-Fi hotspot, elegant and of light weight, that can be carried around in your pocket or handbag. All the advantages of an always active internet connection, wherever you are.
Activate Wi-Fi on your device, choose the WiFind network, and insert the password in order to surf immediately, whenever and wherever you want.

About us

WiFind is an innovative Italian start-up company (Legislative Decree no. 179, October 18, 2012) based in Milan.
Our mission is to render connecting to the Internet easier and available to all.
Your feedback will help us improve our services.



  • 1. How does WiFind work?
    • WiFind is a wireless 3G hotspot router that navigates with a speed of up to 4.2 MB/sec, replacing fixed Wi-Fi, offering you to connect up to 10 devices.
  • 2. What is a WiFind Router?
    • A WiFind Router is a small device you can carry in your pocket that allows you to connect to the Internet using several devices (PC, Tablet PC, Smartphone) at the same time, all around Italy (according to local mobile coverage), at a very low fixed cost and without roaming charges.
  • 3. Are there daily or monthly traffic data limitations?
    • No. However, WiFind does not recommend the use of its routers for downloading video (film) or music files, in order not to jeopardize a proper functioning of the service.
  • 4. Do I have to expect any risks while I'm connected?
    • None. Our router connections are password-protected, secure, and independent. Each internet access is protected by international standard protocols.
  • 5. What happens in case the router gets stolen or if I lose it?
    • In case of theft or failure to return the device, the customer will lose the previously paid deposit of 100 ?. There will be no need to report the incident other than by sending us an email information of what happened.
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